Collection: 36

36, the moniker of UK producer Dennis Huddleston, stands as a prominent figure in the contemporary ambient music landscape. As one of Past Inside the Present's key artists, he has collaborated to unveil nearly a dozen records on PITP.

At the heart of the 36 sound lies a fusion of enveloping melodies and expansive atmospheres, fearlessly delving into the abstract while maintaining a foundational path of ambient accessibility.

Over the course of the five years gracing our roster, the multifaceted essence of his sound reverberates with unmistakable diversity. His sonic repertoire, rich in variation and innovation, has consistently evolved, leaving an indelible mark on Past Inside the Present and 36’s musical journey together.

The impact of 36's contributions resonates not only within the ambient music community, but also within Past Inside the Present and among listeners globally.


Past Inside the Present Discography
36 & zakè - Stasis Sounds For Long​-​Distance Space Travel II [2022]
36 - The Box [2022]
36 - Symmetry Systems [2022]
36 & Isaac Helsen - Anon 1 [2021]
36 & Duenn - Distance As Power [2021]
36 & awakened souls - The Other Side of Darkness [2021]
36 & zakè - Stasis Sounds For Long​-​Distance Space Travel I [2020]
36 - Wave Variations [2020]
36 & Black Swan - In Four Parts [2019]
36 - Beneath The Lower Lights [2019]
36 - The Lower Lights [2019]
Remixes and Appearances
Tyresta - Infinite Branches [2022]
zakè - Remembrance [2022]
awakened souls & From Overseas - Keep The Orange Sun [2021]
Various Artists - Healing Sounds II: A Compilation For Those In Need [2020]
Various Artists - Healing Sounds I: A Compilation For Those In Need [2019]