Past Inside the Present is the home of a passionate, collaborative artistic community in pursuit of the world’s most inventive and engaging quiet music.
From our headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, we curate works by musicians from across the globe, partnering them with a stable of acclaimed visual artists, designers and engineers to create a singular aesthetic. We honor posterity over profit and, since our founding in 2018, have sought a standard for modern ambient and experimental artistry that we believe will inspire others long into the future.

At the same time, we understand that each moment lies along an infinite line, and that the prologue is intimately tied to the coda by everything in between.  Our aim is to moor the listener in changing tides with a captivating sense of permanence, blurring the ephemeral with the eternal.

Most importantly, our artists are our family. With long established favorites like 36, bvdub, Slow Dancing Society, Black Swan, and James Bernard releasing alongside new voices like marine eyes, T.R. Jordan, From Overseas, Tyresta and Cat Tyson Hughes, we are proud to foster the sharing of ideas across generations of thoughtful, creative minds.
A Brief History:
Originally conceptualized as a music blog in mid-2018, Past Inside the Present quickly moved into exclusive digital EP releases by upcoming and legacy ambient artists, including Ian Hawgood, Gallery Six, Amulets, and Viul.  Demos from far-flung corners began to flood our inbox, establishing a clear demand for a dedicated resource in this genre of introspective music.
Our first physical releases emerged in winter 2019, and our team organically grew into its current iteration.  We are proudly run by artists: Zach Frizzell (zakè), Kévin Sery (From Overseas), Nick Turner (Tyresta), Drew Sullivan (Slow Dancing Society), Cynthia Bernard (marine eyes), and James Bernard.  As a result, we approach every artist and release with compassion, enthusiasm, and a first-hand understanding of the struggles inherent in working outside the mainstream.
Selected Praise:
“Past Inside the Present has established itself as one of the leading voices on the scene, [and their] stellar creations have appeared numerous times on our pages and End of the Year selections.”  – Headphone Commute
“The last place you’d think would be the home of such a prolific and forward-thinking ambient/new age label is Indianapolis, but then again, why not? The sounds are subtle, ethereal, and very much a sonic salve for the mind, body, and spirit.” – Complex Distractions
“Indianapolis-based Past Inside the Present has become a premiere label in the field of ambient, featuring a strong core roster blended with an impressive mix of established and emerging artists from around the world. [Their] catalog covers a spectrum of styles from soundscapes and drones, to ambient techno and neoclassical, while offering beautifully designed, limited physical editions.” – A Closer Listen
“Since its inception, Past Inside the Present has rolled out a compelling catalog of soundtracks for elsewhereness. They continue to garner an impressive catalog of releases that will stand the test of time.” – Igloo Magazine
“Past Inside the Present offer[s] up some of the very best ambient, ethereal, soundscape, and minimal music through exclusive [works] by prominent ambient artists from across the globe.” – Resident Advisor
“Past Inside the Present has to be one of the most prolific musical imprints out there right now, but even more remarkable is the fact that it is all so unwaveringly good.” – Juno Records
“[Past Inside the Present] is releasing so many great electronic artists that are pushing the limits. I’m here for it, and I love discovering it.” – The Album Leaf


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Demo Policy_

We encourage you to explore our sound and aesthetic before sending a demo, in order to ensure that your work might be a good fit. We listen to every submission and, if your music resonates with us, we will reach out to you. Please limit submissions to 2-3 exemplary tracks as a SoundCloud or other streaming link, and include an EPK and/or brief cover letter. While we are continuously seeking diverse sounds and voices, please understand that our schedule generally remains at full capacity.

State of Vinyl 2024_

In 2024, the burden of inflation and soaring living costs is undeniable. For PITP and fellow labels in our ambient community, alongside indie labels at large, escalating production expenses, notably in vinyl production, have posed significant challenges.

Recent updates from our pressing plants reveal staggering cost hikes, despite our best efforts to negotiate and maintain quality standards. Regrettably, we couldn't find a sustainable solution. This marks the fifth consecutive year of price hikes from our pressing partners, surpassing our expectations due to skyrocketing raw material costs—a trend mirrored across industries. Coupled with escalating postal service fees, including a hefty 30%-50% rise in record mailer and other packaging costs, the situation is daunting.

Given these circumstances, we've made the difficult decision to halt vinyl production for the remainder of the year. Inflation and steep production costs have emerged victorious, albeit breaking our hearts. Nevertheless, we're resilient and eager to pivot.

For 2024, we're shifting our focus to premium packaged CDs and cassettes, partnering with providers committed to top-notch quality. We're exploring innovative avenues to ensure these releases are exceptional, with exciting surprises in store throughout the year.

While the future of vinyl remains uncertain, we humbly request your unwavering support. We're committed to keeping costs as low as possible, enabling you to continue enjoying physical copies of our albums.

With love,
Zach, Kevin, Cynthia, Nick, Drew, and James