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36 & zakè 'Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel II' [2CD]

36 & zakè 'Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel II' [2CD]

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Glass-mastered, silkscreen printed 2xCD housed in a 6-panel, matte-laminated digipack. Clear cd trays. Shrinkwrapped. Features exclusive artwork. Includes all 18 tracks. Pressed and printed at Pressed at Pure Music, Manchester, UK. Edition of 500. Bandcamp download code included.

Mission Control requested additional sound artifacts for all travelers that commenced their maiden voyage on January 31, 2020 documented as PITP39. Eighteen chapters of aural anesthetics were dispatched to the traveling vessel. The mission was successful, the travelers received the transmission and can continue their journey through the outer reaches of space in hypersleep. These tracks are now declassified and available for public listening.

Tracks 1-6 Written, produced and engineered by 36 & zakè
Tracks 7-12 Written, produced and engineered by 36
Tracks 13-18 Written, produced and engineered by zakè
Track 18 features additional synth work by Ossa and sound treatments by awakened souls

All tracks mastered by 36
Artwork, layout and design by 36

©℗ Past Inside the Present
This is PITP40

◾️◾️◾️ REVIEWS

"36 and zakè follow up the epic work of Stasis Sounds For Long Distance Space Travel Part 1 with another eighteen chapters "of aural anesthetics" which "continue their journey through the outer reaches of space in hypersleep." The album comes in different coloured versions and boasts the sort of grainy and immersive ambient that immediately takes you out into the farthest reaches of space. It's widescreen and cinematic and makes for the sort of journeying album that is perfect for zoning out of everyday life and enjoying some mindful moments to yourself"

-Juno Records


"If the above-covered release, at only 30 minutes in length, was a concise tiny gem, then this 105-minute album is an expansive outer stellar drift. This is the second installment of the appropriately titled Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel, which first appeared back in 2020 as is foreshadowed [and yet still, above expectations], Dennis Huddleston and Zach Frizzell, who record under their 36 and zakè monikers respectively, offer us a gorgeous soundtrack for an interplanetary voyage, even if that journey is within.

Albeit the vinyl, features the six additional stages (to the first four offered up on the initial volume), for me, the cruise-controlled excursion sets into motion only at track seven. This is where, in a horizontal position, after the barely audible hypnotic clock-ticking dies down, I am finally at peace and prepared for the arrival. Here and now, long, wafting, splayed synth pads drone out with deep-breathing bass, sprinkled textures, and fully immersive ambient atmospheres. I have indeed used this music for my afternoon naps [or long-distance travels, as I prefer to refer to them] and can attest to its opiate properties, which can be soothing and pensive, intriguing, and calm.

An absolute treasure of modern-day ambience, and I am only hopeful that the duo will continue leading us through vast outer space. Now out on Past Inside the Present [which is run and curated by Frizzell himself], an independent American label, which has really inspired and awed."

-Headphone Commute


“I’ve recently discovered a gorgeous and all-encompassing slice of ambient heaven in the form of two albums, titled Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel I & II. The artists are 36 and zakè. 36 is the musical project of UK musician Dennis Huddleston, while zakè is, well, zakè. His work has been talked about and adored on these pages many times over the last couple of years, starting back in 2020 with Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea’s Liberamente(released via Azure Vista Records.)

With 36 & zakè’s Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel I & II these two ambient musicians take us up into the cosmos. Slow, drifting swaths of electronics encompass you and take you on a cosmic journey. I do think music can heal, and with these two albums they emanate a kind of soothing, sonic pulse that calms the nerves and quiets the mind. Who doesn’t need some of that these days?

There’s lots of music that comes my way, and honestly it’s hard for me to cram it all between my ears. Believe me, I try. Listening to and writing about music is something I’ve done on a regular basis for over a decade now. And listening to music? Well I’ve been doing that since I could walk. At least since I could pick up my parents copy of The White Album and ask my mom to put it on the turntable. So when I don’t have enough time in the week to devour all the amazing music coming my way that’s both a bummer and pretty amazing. It means that just because I’m not hearing it, doesn’t mean that people aren’t continually opening their heads and hearts and giving the world the gift of sound.

When I hear from labels like Past Inside The Present, Zakè Drone Recordings, Azure Vista Records, and Moon Glyph Records I make sure I listen. Their ambient and drone albums have been a source of mental comfort for years now. They’ve opened my brain to the world of ambient and new age. It’s a deeper trip, and I feel it’s the logical progression from the world of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Rudiger Lorenz. Where the darker realms of Komische and Berlin School were the gateway for me into electronic and heavy synth, ambient and new age were the welcoming step into the light. Still dig the dark, but you can’t stay there all the time unless you’re a mushroom.

Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel I & II have the vastness of a widescreen view of Earth from the point of view of a space station. It’s awe-inspiring, like earth from several thousands of miles away, or the sight of the aurora borealis hanging over the atmosphere from a galactic view. This is music to fall into and let it engulf you. 36 and zakè build slow moving soundscapes that soothe the listener into a weightless world, using synths and electronics like paints. Each brush stroke and added layer of color creating vast canvases of cosmic visions and ethereal light.
Over the two volumes of Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel there’s plenty of sounds to keep you in stasis for a couple hours. Sonic bliss and a sort of cosmic peace make these records truly special, and a welcome respite in these troubled times.”

-J. Hubner, Complex Distractions


"This is well known and much-loved ambient album amongst those who follow the genre closely, and after various vinyl formats before now, it finally arrives on CD courtesy of Past Inside the Present. The hugely prolific zake - who often releases several albums a year - and 36 really go deep on this one. It is a quietly epic and certainly adventurous journey into outer space where echoing sonic tones and drifting sound effects all melt into one another as electronic melodies arrive and disappear to soothing effect. There is an almost classical architecture to these grandiose tracks which makes it all the more of an absorbing and beautiful listen."

-Juno Records

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