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36 & zakè 'Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel' [LP]

36 & zakè 'Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel' [LP]

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[6th Pressing]

160 gram LP on 'mystery galaxy' housed in a semi-gloss jacket. Your mystery galaxy color will be exclusive to you alone. It may be opaque, translucent, or transparent with varying characteristics and mixes. Full color center labels. Records are placed in a black, anti-static inner sleeve with a .75 gauge archival polypropylene lining. Includes download card insert. Shrinkwrapped. Edition of 415. Bandcamp download code included.

The world has found itself in a significant hurry. We have also found ourselves in the most distracted period of time in history; finding it tremendously difficult to remain in a moment of stillness, quietude, or allow time for self-reflection. Conversely, our vast universe continues its expansion into infinite development; a climate of deafening silence in a boundless four-dimensional continuum. It remains mesmerizing with a quiet allure that freely suspends in space-time; a true account of the beautiful unknown that sparks hope, reverence, and an awesome realization of impenetrable mystery.

“Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel” is audibly rich in its delivery with an array of tranquil billows and patient tones. It is a journey and soundtrack that commences at Earth’s thermosphere, gently moving towards the untraveled parts of space, lushly floating on forever.

These arrangements represent a group of celestial transmissions that are delicate in nature and intended for the listener to embrace moments of stillness, quietude and reflection, of which are on a trajectory of extinction at a place we call Earth.

Tracks 1-4 are featured on 'Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel' LP

Tracks 5-11 are featured on 'Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel: Extended Hypersleep Programs & Reductions' Cassette

Tracks 1-4 Written, produced and engineered by 36 & zakè
Tracks 5-8 Written, produced and engineered by 36
Tracks 9-11 Written, produced and engineered by zakè
All tracks mastered by 36
Artwork, layout and design by 36

©℗ Past Inside the Present
This is PITP39


◾️◾️◾️ REVIEWS

"If you’ve ever seen a space-travel movie, you’re probably familiar with the concept of longterm stasis, aka hyper sleep: just a bunch of humans chilling in torpor en route to some newer, brighter world, light years away from the marvelous blue marble we call home. Hypothetically, the trope may become a reality further down the line; the aerospace engineering company SpaceWorks, for instance, has proposed “torpor-inducing transfer habitats” as a means of smoothening mankind’s eventual journey to Mars (assuming we make it there before bringing about our own demise, of course.) Until then, we’ll have to settle for the soundtrack, Stasis Sounds For Long​-​Distance Space Travel. A collaborative release between the British producer Dennis Huddleston (aka 36) and Zaké, a “healing sound propagandist” from Indianapolis, IN, it’s a sonic approximation of the impossible (and impossibly expensive) space nap, manifested here as three soft, soothing, melancholic ambient movements: the four-stage title track, which represents the journey away from home; a nostalgic, field recording-flavored “extended hypersleep program” inspired by all the places left behind (caves, rain, cities); and at the end of the tranquil dream, a trilogy of “reductions” to let us back down to earth. I highly recommend listening to this record at night, looking up at the stars, bundled up in your favorite sweater. It’s not the same exact thing as a stasis pod, but it’s close."

—Zoe Camp, Bandcamp (Best New Ambient Music on Bandcamp)


"Given the respective outputs of committed ambient explorers and sound designers Zake (best known for releasing no less than five fine albums in 2019) and 36 (most recently seen on A Strangely Isolated Place with the superb album "Fade To Grey"), you'd expect this trip into aural deep space to be rather good. It is of course, with the four tracks mixing echoing sonic tones and drifting sound effects with slow-burn electronic melodies and the kind of immersive, sustained chords that were once the preserve of German maestro Pete Namlook. The third track in the suite, appropriately titled "Stage 3", is little less than stunning, in part because of its grandiose, almost classical intent."

-Juno Records


"The first collaboration between frequent Past Inside the Present contributor 36 and the label’s founder zakè tells a very human story through layers of literal and figurative atmosphere. The album voices a personal longing for others to feel content with switching off, for self-reflection and stillness. The album comes in three “movements;” the introductory self-titled track attempts to capture what’s being left behind, “Extended Hypersleep Program” is the central narrative, and “Reduction” is its denouement (it could be read either as a return to Earth or a further descent into uncharted territory). The drowsiness instilled by the implied cryogenic slumber feels manufactured, the rounded-off sonic edges reminiscent of the album’s futuristic, clean, and sterile setting. There’s a surrealism that pervades the album that not only assists in telling its story, but gives it its own unique tonal flavor."

—Ari Delaney, Bandcamp (Best New Ambient Music on Bandcamp)


"On Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel, Dennis Huddleston, who, once again, appears here as 36, and Zach Frizzell, the very founder of the Past Inside the Present label, who also records under his zakè moniker (also known as 扎克), offer us over 90 minutes of space roaming drift. The yellow and red swirly transparent vinyl and its beautiful transparent cobalt brother featured the first four stages of this extended voyage, while the digital release on Bandcamp includes the Extended Hypersleep Program [this one is composed solely by Huddleston] and additional “reductions” [in turn composed solely by Frizzell] to truly bring your self-inflicted chaos to a still. The release is an ideal selection of mind settling music, especially during these times of self-isolation, where, interestingly enough, the [human] world found itself slowing its pace."

-Headphone Commute


"The now veteran of the ambient-drone Dennis Huddleston, aka 36, ​​of Leeds, and zakè, of Indianapolis, unite to describe in this album one of the typical sci-fi scenarios, namely that of the journey long lasting in the cosmos. In particular, they refer to the process of "hibernation" of the astronauts, a state of deep and prolonged sleep that could make possible operations such as the colonization of Mars or the exploration, with human crew, of our Solar System. The science fiction pretext of "Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel" is, however, the occasion for a reading that combines the space theme with the meditative one: the Universe intended as a place of exploration of thought, boundless field of introspection.

Ideally divided into three large parts, the work articulates its 97 total minutes as follows: a 28-minute suite in four "stages" that closely follows the typical sounds of film science fiction, with a very slow fanfare diluted in subliminal melodies that recall Vangelis to the point of colliding with a sidereal wind, a meeting point between the cosmic restlessness of Klaus Schulze and the new age poetry of Constance Demby; after a piece dedicated to the stasis room (for about 6 minutes), a 30-minute triptych of nostalgic dreamy frescoes appears, animated by minimal sounds and clouds of drones, as well as by more descriptive field-recordings, which remind us of the landscapes in a moving way Earthlings (a cave, rain, a city at night). Three conclusive "reductions", diluted versions and pareidolitic illusions of the sounds already listened to, which translate the border between dream and wakefulness into music, recalling the splendid, rarefied and imaginative journeys of the Stars Of The Lid, culminating in the final "Reduction 3 ", a full 21 minutes.

What distinguishes the dream from death? In the first with the immobile body a mind coexists that explores an inner universe, abstract and soothing, synesthetic and hypnotic; in the second, they dominate total anguish and, afterwards, a boundless nullity. This "Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel" is never eerie, because a spark of emotion animates its long suites and contrasts the journey of the mind with the stasis of the body. Far from the metropolitan chaos, from the incessant stimuli of the hyperconnected global village, from the pressing deadlines and from the alarming breaking news that take sleep away, we find ourselves meditating for an abundant hour and a half, leaving for a while that with the movement of the body replace the boundless journey of the soul. It is no coincidence that 36 published the EP "Music For Isolation" in early April: what is the quarantine that the world has been experiencing in these months, if not a long standstill?"

-Ondarock, Italy


“Since its earliest iteration, ambient has consistently been defined by the idea of concept – as explicitly representing an idea, space, or journey. The new collaboration between 36 & zaké is an exquisite example of this tradition, as Stasis Sounds is a “soundtrack that commences at Earth’s thermosphere, gently moving towards the untraveled parts of space, lushly floating on forever.” This is a record that evolves slowly, like water gently trickling from a glacier, drawing the listener in to get lost in its subtly epic scope. The gleaming tape loops, the thoughtful synths that stretch tantalisingly into the infinite distance, Stasis Sounds feels like stepping into the turn of Earth.”

​-All Things Loud


“Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel, sees UK ambienteer, 36, collude with US ‘healing sound propagandist,’ zaké, in a field recording-infused ‘extended hypersleep program’ inspired by nostalgia for an imagined left behind (cities, caves, rain). Spatial transmissions awash with billowing tones for quiet reflection—an act congruent with the tenor of life on this current version of Earth.”

-Igloo Magazine


"Past Inside The Present are on a mission to make you slow down and enjoy the now more than we do in modern life. They do so with this latest 12", which features four accompaniment programs "designed to give the stasis user a pleasurable experience in extended hypersleep." This is hi fidelity listening music that is as cathartic and escapist as it comes. Each track is like tuning into and endless continuum of sound that ebbs and flows infinitely. Celestial and delicate, if you can't relax in the company of these then you got real problems."

-Juno Records, Essential Listening

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