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zakè 'Remembrance' [2LP]

zakè 'Remembrance' [2LP]

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2LP 180g spotted green. Vinyl housed in a 4mm heavyweight, matte jacket. B/W center labels. Records placed in black, anti-static inner sleeve with a .75 gauge archival polypropylene lining. Shrinkwrapped. Bandcamp download code included.

Remembrance follows a similar formula found on zakè’s previous effort, Geneva (released on Past Inside the Present, 2020). He produced eight short phonic motifs and then invited artists to collaborate, rework, and expand upon the source material resulting in a new, unique creation.

The album consists of eight short vignettes by zakè, six collaborative pieces, and eight completely reworked tracks. The track titles and overall theme of these works are based off the gorgeous poetic narrative “Remembrance” written by Julia Frizzell.

“Collaborating with other artists, along with passing songs and ideas to artists to rework is one of the most enjoyable experiences when writing music. Co-creation captures the heart, soul, and music artistry combined, allowing for a bigger canvas of aural exploration and expression. I am truly humbled to work with such incredible artists.”

Tracks 1-8
Written, recorded, and produced by zakè

Remembrance - collaborations
Tracks 9-14
'Release' collaboratively produced by Color of Time & zakè
‘A Breath’ collaboratively produced by Benoît Pioulard & zakè
‘Glimmer' collaboratively produced by City of Dawn & zakè
'Held' collaboratively produced by Grandbruit & zakè
‘Catch' collaboratively produced by Wayne Robert Thomas & zakè
‘Heart Mirrored’ collaboratively produced by Jonas Munk & zakè

Remembrance - reworks
Tracks 15-23
Source material by zakè
Reworked and produced by the following in order of appearance:
marine eyes, Cat Tyson Hughes, Robert Farrugia, Belly Full of Stars, anthéne, Ai Yamamoto, 36, Patricia Wolf, & Christina Giannone.

Mixed at Kaleidoscope Tone Studio by zakè
Mastered at SDS Studio by Drew Sullivan
Poetic narrative 'A Heart Mirrored’ and track titles by Julia Frizzell
Photography by Benoît Pioulard
Design and layout by zakè

© 2022 Zakè Drone Recordings // Dunk!Records
℗ Past Inside the Present Publishing (BMI)
This is ZD-015 // DNK21134
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