Collection: zakè

zakè is an American ambient composer and sound artist. His genre-spanning approach to ambient results in work seemingly still; glimmering with texture and artifacts, yet anchored by a driving, gravitational pull. Recognized as a pioneer of slow-evolving minimal drone, he utilizes archaic synths, sound manipulation, and tape machines to create solemn, drifting soundscapes for deep listening.

Interested in music as a method of processing lived experience, zakè approaches each record as a marker of time—a relation gestured in the name Past Inside The Present, the ambient/drone label he founded in 2018.

zakè has released his works through: Past Inside the Present, Azure Vista Records, Dunk!Records, and Zakè Drone Recordings; an imprint used to publish his own material along with collaborative projects. Other releases can be found on THESIS, Polar Seas Recordings, Florina Cassettes, Aural Canyon, Healing Sound Propagandist, Complex Holiday, Rusted Tone Recordings, Low Versions, El Muelle Records, Stereoscenic, Mailbox, Elm Records, Tiny Drones for Lovers, Headphone Commute, and Giraffe Tapes.


Past Inside the Present Discography
zakè & From Overseas - Demain, d​è​s l​’​aube [2023]
zakè - Orchestral Tape Studies II [2023]
zakè & Marc Ertel, James Bernard, From Overseas - Live at the Gothic Chapel [2023]
zakè & 36 - Stasis Sounds For Long​-​Distance Space Travel II [2022]
zakè & Wayne Robert Thomas - To Those Who Dwelt in a Land of Deep Darkness [2022]
zakè & City of Dawn, Ossa - A Pale Shelter [2021]
zakè & Isaac Helsen - beliefsystems [2021]
zakè & marine eyes - Unfailing Love [2021]
zakè & 36 - Stasis Sounds For Long​-​Distance Space Travel I [2020]
zakè - Orchestral Studies Collectanea [2020]
zakè - Geneva [2020]
zakè - Orchestral Tape Studies [2019]
zakè - zakè [2019]