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zakè & City of Dawn 'Frizzell & Duque: Orison' [LP] (EU Version)

zakè & City of Dawn 'Frizzell & Duque: Orison' [LP] (EU Version)

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LP on 180g black marble vinyl housed in a 4mm heavyweight, matte jacket. B/W center labels. Records placed in black, anti-static inner sleeve with a .75 gauge archival polypropylene lining. Shrinkwrapped. Bandcamp download code included.

Orison is the latest aural exploration between zakè & City of Dawn and a predecessor to their previous orchestral effort, 'A Sorrow Unrequited'.

Orison is a prayer or plea to a deity. The archaic origins of the term stem from the Latin language simply meaning to ‘speak to God’.

Patient and solemn symphonic drifts that foster stillness, boundless thought, introspection, and eternal contemplation.

In loving memory of Linda Kay Connor [1946-2021]

Written, recorded, and produced by zakè & City of Dawn
Mixed at Kaleidoscope Tone Studio (IN/US) by zakè
Mastered at Schwebung Mastering (Bonn, DE) by Stephan Mathieu
Vinyl pressed at Dunk!Pressing (Zottegem, BE)
Design and layout by zakè


©℗ 2022 Zakè Drone Recordings // Dunk!Records
This is ZD-008 // DNK21140
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