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Meg Mulhearn & Belly Full of Stars 'Conjunctions' [2CS]

Meg Mulhearn & Belly Full of Stars 'Conjunctions' [2CS]

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2x clear shell cassette tapes with black imprinting. Housed in a clear, vertical stack norelco box. Double-sided full color j-card. Loaded with FerroMaster C456™ super ferric, ultra-high performance type-1 music grade analog tape. Shrinkwrapped. Edition of 50.

Conjunctions, the split, is Meg Mulhearn and Belly Full of Stars on natural cycles through an aural field of expansive synth textures shifting time at the granular level. Its strangeness moves me, lifts me up towards cathartic idleness through the ins and outs of breath time leading me deeper into burgeoning whole body listening. I hear synths, piano, strings, and voices … then my mind oscillates out from inner bodily thoughts to a full moon sky space.

I am fascinated by the depth this split occupies. Meg Mulhearn on tracks 1-4 inhabits spirit, speaking not through ordinary words but in chants, through fire and ice, sunshine and torrential rain, sometimes gentle and sometimes harsh as in “Plutronic” The tracks are heavy and luminous with aura shining brightly from the remote zones of both pleasure and peace.

Tracks 5-9 are by Kim Rueger from Belly Full of Stars. The levels of depth vary from listening to the minutiae in the salt air at sea level in “Ebon Flow” down into the full bass shifts of tectonic plates at the crust to the rigid mantle in “Salacia.” We are lifted out from unknown, unlived time to a living moment, a more or less familiar place.

When it’s over I find myself in an enchanted state at dawn—still listening, still breathing—my gaze transfixed on the ambient light shapeshifting over the horizon.

—Veronica Anne Salinas

Tracks 1-4: synths, strings, and voice recorded by Meg Mulhearn and mixed by Michael H. Johnson & Meg Mulhearn in winter/spring of 2022.

Tracks 5-9: Modular and Semi-Modular synths, piano, and voice recorded and mixed by Kim Rueger in winter/spring of 2022.

Mastered by Sean McCann
Cover photo by Kim Rueger
Inside cassette cover photo variation by Meg Mulhearn
Layout and Design by zakè

©℗ Fallen Moon Recordings
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