Collection: marine eyes

As marine eyes, Cynthia Bernard blends ambient, shoegaze, drone, field recordings & dream pop—writing from a narrative place born in the present moment yet interwoven with lessons from her past.

Currently residing in the greater Los Angeles area, Bernard was raised in Northern California, growing up in a household where music was and is valued deeply. When Cynthia’s grandmother had a stroke taking away her ability to talk but not her ability to sing, Cynthia became mesmerized by music’s use as a form of therapy.

For many years she kept her music to herself, close friends and family but upon meeting her now husband James Bernard in 2014, the two started writing music together and sharing their ambient project awakened souls. In 2021, her debut solo album ‘idyll’ was released via Stereoscenic Records followed by ‘chamomile’ via Past Inside the Present in 2022.

She now finds herself regularly lost and found building miniature worlds to explore the healing qualities of sound and cement important moments she has experienced while welcoming stillness in nature.

Her third solo record is coming in 2024 via Past Inside the Present.


Past Inside the Present Discography
marine eyes + IKSRE - Nurture [2023]
marine eyes - chamomile [2022]
marine eyes & zakè - Unfailing Love [2021]

Remixes and Appearances
James Bernard & anthéne - Soft Octaves [2023]
Tyresta - Small Hours [2023]
Drum & Lace - Remixed [2022]
bvdub & James Bernard - Departing In Descent [2022]
From Overseas & City of Dawn - Misty Memories [2022]
Various Artists - Healing Together: A Compilation For Mental Health Recovery [2022]
awakened souls & From Overseas - Keep The Orange Sun [2021]