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marine eyes + IKSRE 'Nurture' [LP]

marine eyes + IKSRE 'Nurture' [LP]

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160 gram LP on a one-of-a-kind color vinyl. The record color will be exclusive to you alone. It may be opaque, translucent, or transparent with varying characteristics and mixes. The record is housed in a full color, semi-gloss jacket. PITP branded center labels. Includes download code. Shrinkwrapped. Bandcamp download code included.

Nurture is a new album on Past Inside the Present from Los Angeles based musician and artist, marine eyes (Cynthia Bernard), and Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist and sound healer, IKSRE (Phoebe Dubar).

After hearing each other’s music, it quickly became apparent that the two were kindred spirits from other sides of the world. When a conversation started about their love of field recording, the idea sparked to create an album through sharing their captured nature sounds in an email pen-pal format. Going back and forth, the two would get a field recording and then write about where they were from, attaching photos and videos. The mail became a geographical lesson, and also an uncovering of each other’s emotional landscapes. After receiving the email, they would each start a new song using that field recording and story. When it was snowy in California (Abalone Sky), it was the height of heat in Melbourne (Rainforest Dawn), and with these differences in hemispheres, they could transport to alternate seasons while working on songs from their home studios. This cemented a creative friendship cultivated in nature, music & holding space for each other’s stories in creative living and motherhood.

Nurture is a blend of ambient drone, neo-classical, sound healing, dream-pop and gentle lullabies enveloping the listener with a sense of belonging, comfort, & introspection, whispering that in nature we can always come back to ourselves, and in turn be there for others in a deeper way.

Written, produced, and performed by Cynthia Bernard and Phoebe Dubar
Mixed and mastered at Ambient Mountain House by James Bernard
Additional mixing by Cynthia Bernard and Phoebe Dubar
Cover art by Cynthia Bernard
Layout by zakè

Instruments used in the creation of this album:

Cynthia Bernard- Fender Stratocaster, Sterling StingRay bass, Sequential Take 5 PolySynth, Op-1, keyboards and synthesizers (Keyscape, Omnisphere), vocals, field recordings and pedals (Strymon El Capistan, Strymon Big Sky, Hologram Microcosm, TC-Helicon Voicelive Touch 2, Chase Bliss Mood)

Phoebe Dubar- Korg Minilogue, Himalayan singing bowls, sansula, RAV drum, swinging bar chimes, Alchemy Crystal singing bowls (Platinum, Grandmother + Crone Goddess), 528hz crystal singing bowl, Moog Mother 32, Moog Grandmother, viola, Monolina Monochord, Buffalo drum, piano, shruti box, avalanche run pedal, vocals and field recordings

©℗ Past Inside the Present
This is PITP-V044

◾️◾️◾️ REVIEW

"Los Angeles-based marine eyes (aka Cynthia Bernard) and Melbourne-based IKSRE (aka Phoebe Dubar) come together for this new album on Past Inside The Present and it is one that draws on their respective backgrounds as musicians, multi-instrumentalists and sound healers, as well as their shared love of field recordings. The album came about when each heard the other's music and decided to share sounds through an email pen-pal format. The mail chain included notes and pictures and became a geographical lesson and exploration of emotional landscapes. It blends ambient drone with neo-classical, sound healing, dream-pop and gentle lullabies onto something warm, comforting and introspective."

-Juno Records

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