Collection: Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea

Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea is the trio of Zach Frizzell (aka zakè), Marc Ertel, and Damien Duque (aka City of Dawn). Each is a renowned composer of solo works in his own right, but as a unit they have created some of the most affecting classically-inspired, guitar-based works of the past decade – in particular, the inaugural full-length Liberamente (Azure Vista, 2020) and its gorgeous, shapeshifting follow-up Reveries (Sonic Cathedral, 2024). With an inventive approach that cross-pollinates a number of genres, they have adopted “dronegaze” as a preferred shorthand for the carefully layered, texturally rich themes that Stationary Travels praised as “cocoon[s] of serenity”.

Reveries [Sonic Cathedral, 2024]
Liberamente [Azure Vista Records, 2020]
Alpha [Past Inside the Present, 2019]

Remixes and Appearances
The Magic Hour EP by Mark Peters [Sonic Cathedral, 2023]