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zakè & Dotlights 'Stay With Me' (Remixes) [CS]

zakè & Dotlights 'Stay With Me' (Remixes) [CS]

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Limited edition cassette printed with a full body colour tape shell and frosted norelco case. Shrinkwrapped. Loaded with FerroMaster C456™ super ferric, ultra-high performance type-1 music grade analog tape. Shrinkwrapped. Limited to 100 units.

SIDE A: Features the original album 'Stay With Me' by zakè and T.R. Jordan issued by Zakè Drone Recordings (ZD-020), 2022. Written, recorded and produced by zakè & T.R. Jordan. Vocal accompaniment on 'Stay With Me' by marine eyes. Field recordings and cover photograph captured on the coast of Lake Erie, 41°25'25.9"N 82°36'27.4"W. Mixed at Kaleidoscope Tone Studio by zakè. Mastered at Ambient Mountain House by James Bernard.

SIDE B: Remixed and produced using the original stems from 'Stay With Me' by zakè & dotlights. Mastered at Statinski Mastering by Ivo Statinski. Guitars, synths, piano, and beat programming by dotlights. Synths, field recordings, and tape manipulation by zakè.

zakè and dotlights met in early 2023, although both artists found that they shared affinities towards each other's works for years. Through conversations, there was one album that both artists equally cherished, ‘Stay With Me’ released in the summer of 2022 with zakè’s good friend T.R. Jordan. The album also featured a special appearance by the lovely marine eyes.

Deeply drawn by the sounds and story behind the album, dotlights commenced working with the original stems to create a very special collection of reimagined tracks with his unique lofi beatmaking and beautifully composed guitar aesthetics he’s become known for. With the assistance and this newly collaborative approach, zakè worked with both old and new stems, in addition to adding new synth production, field recordings, and tape manipulations to these remixed tracks.


dotlights is a guitarist / beatmaker from the Netherlands and a frequent contributor to Chillhop Records and Memoir Music. Working from a small home studio in a quiet town near the German border, he blends his guitar aesthetics with downtempo electronica vibes and lofi beats.

Indianapolis-based Zach Frizzell is the man behind the prolific zakè project, whose warm drones and analog textures have yielded dozens of albums – both solo and collaborative – across a broad spectrum of atmospheres and tonalities.  He is also the founder of Past Inside the Present, a renowned record label and artistic collective “in search of the world’s most inventive and engaging quiet music”, as well as its sister imprints, Zakè Drone Recordings and Healing Sound Propagandist. Despite the intensely personal nature of his recorded work – and of deep listening music in general – Frizzell is a benevolent and community-minded curator.  From his headquarters in the American Midwest, he has developed a roster of creative peers from as far away as England, Sweden, Japan, and China, all in pursuit of a new standard for modern experimental artistry.  

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