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wøunds 'No Beauty In The World' [LP]

wøunds 'No Beauty In The World' [LP]

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160 gram LP on transparent clear vinyl housed in a semi-gloss jacket. B/W PITP center labels. Record placed in black, anti-static inner sleeve with a .75 gauge archival polypropylene lining. Shrinkwrapped. Bandcamp download code included.

'No Beauty In The World' is a reflection of how in a world so cruel we can find beauty, with its music bouncing between beautiful ambience and piano loops, modular synth melodies to darker textural and feedback driven drones.

Unlike other wøunds records where the fluidity of the entire album tells a story, 'No Beauty In The World' explore various sonic possibilities and territories. This is a culmination of over 2 years of writing and recording, constantly driven by the uncertainty and darkness in the world that we live in. Despite it all, the sonic arc of the album gives us something to hope for, maybe there is beauty in the end.

The record was engineered and mixed by Diogo Strausz (Far Out Recordings) in France and mastered (digital and vinyl) by Lawrence English (Room40). The record features collaborations from guitarist Carlos Ferreira and drummer / synthesist Phillip Stosberg.

Written and produced by Igor Imbu (wøunds) in Houston, Texas and Chicago, Illinois
Guitar on 'Limniad' by Carlos Ferreira
Drums on 'Impossible Rooms' by Phillip Stosberg
Engineered and Mixed by Diogo Strausz and Igor Imbu
Mastered by Lawrence English
Photography by Andrew Dugas
Layout and design by zakè

©℗ Past Inside the Present
This is PITP-V043

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