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Lia Kohl and Daniel Wyche 'Movie Candy' [CS]

Lia Kohl and Daniel Wyche 'Movie Candy' [CS]

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Blue tint shell cassette with white imprinting, housed in a clear norelco box. Loaded with FerroMaster C456™ super ferric, ultra-high performance type-1 music grade analog tape. Shrinkwrapped. Edition of 100.

Lia Kohl and Daniel Wyche – Movie Candy (Fallen Moon Recordings, 2024)

Over the past four years, Nick Turner (aka Tyresta) has been an indispensable part of the operations at PITP's sister label, Fallen Moon Recordings. His meticulous and thoughtful curation for the FMR imprint highlights some of the finest sound collage and experimental electronic music available today. This excellence continues with Lia Kohl and Daniel Wyche's latest record, Movie Candy. The album is a stunning documentation of free-spirited electronic music, seamlessly blending cello, guitar, synthesizers, voice, field recordings, and various electronic treatments. The result is a sound that is both nostalgically familiar and remarkably forward-thinking.

“Movie Candy” is about some of the weird conceptual ephemera of the movies. It’s about remembering what candy wrappers look like and how those carpets are kind of mesmerizing and the smell of slightly old popcorn and random small details that no one ever thought would matter much get stuck in your mind for years and take on lives of their own, and about how you can have an image of a scene or a line or a feel from a film you can’t remember and still can’t remember and probably will never recall the title but you watched it there on the couch in some half daylight as a kid while grownup life was going on around you and you can still smell the room but still can’t remember that title because it was an old obscure black and white anyway and decades of randomly searching the internet with a half baked description have never paid off so you just think of something else for a title but work with the description and how that all feels.” - Daniel Wyche 
Lia Kohl: cello, guitar, synthesizers, voice, field recordings
Daniel Wyche: Guitars and electronics, recorded at Elastic
Arts on the Fourth of July 2023
Mastered at Ambient Mountain House by James Bernard
Graphic design by Lia Kohl
Layout by zakè

©℗ 2024 Fallen Moon Recordings / Past Inside the Present
This is FMR-39
Marketed, distributed, and cassette copyright:
Fallen Moon Recordings / Past Inside the Present
Pressed by NAC Manufactured and assembled in the US /
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