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Kilometre Club 'Uoiea' [CS]

Kilometre Club 'Uoiea' [CS]

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Uoiea is a collection of meditative and textured minimalist ambient drone pieces created using only a Squier Bass VI and guitar pedals. Where in most of my compositions I tend to add layers and fill as many frequencies as possible, I opted instead to embrace the space between notes, the subtleness of the Bass VI's highest tones, and the general feeling of drifting slowly. The track names are nonsense pseudowords - descriptors of feelings and experiences that do not exist. This is an album for floating away while calling out vowels in reverse alphabetical order.

Music by Daniel Field
Mastered at Ambient Mountain House by James Bernard
Cover photo by Ramona R.F.
Layout and design by zakè

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℗ 2024 Past Inside the Present Publishing (BMI)

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Healing Sound Propagandist X
Past Inside the Present
Manufactured and assembled in the USA
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