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James Bernard 'Fragments + Distancing' [CD]

James Bernard 'Fragments + Distancing' [CD]

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Glass-mastered, silkscreen printed CD housed in a 4-panel 7.3" x 5.3", cardstock Digistak. Clear CD tray. Cardstock made from recycled board. Shrinkwrapped. Bandcamp download code included.

Available for the first time on our Digistak CD, James uses his proven and unique efforts in creating ethereal tones on this collection of arrangements. ‘Fragments’ [tracks 1-8] were created by using a method of composition James has been perfecting, where he takes small pieces of unreleased music that he has written stretching over the last 10 years, and runs them through different modes and methods of granular stretching and FFT processing. In some cases, the original audio source was no longer than 20-30 seconds long.

The first eight tracks cultivate a profound sense of meditative stasis with the use of a Moog Mother 32, custom built filters, and various Eurorack modular sequencers, modules, and effects.

Tracks 9-11 originally appeared on 'Distancing' released by Healing Sound Propagandist [HSP-47] as a digital only release. Now available for the first time on CD. The trio of arrangements are intended to inspire moments of self-reflection and personal growth. Stare into the void, smile and see your highest self staring right back at you.

Written, produced, mixed, and mastered by James Bernard
Design and layout by zakè

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