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Hendrix & Wayne Robert Thomas 'Jupiter EP' [CS]

Hendrix & Wayne Robert Thomas 'Jupiter EP' [CS]

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Juniper is a collaborative project written and produced by Hendrix Gullixson and Wayne R Thomas. Composed primarily between Fall 2021 and Spring of 2022.

Notes from the Artists-

“For me, working with Wayne was a great privilege. I have always found musical collaborative efforts to be a bit of a drag but when I first listened to Wayne's work it was a pretty easy “yes this will work” moment. And everything kind of went from there. I reached out, he sent me a few tracks, I laid down my wizardry on top and that was it. It was a surprisingly fluid experience. I’m grateful that we could share that creative fluidity on this project.” - Hendrix Gullixson

"From the start of the this project it really turned out to be a happy accident. I had some old tracks made for guitar that I sent over to Hendrix and was pleasantly surprised that he was able to add new sounds over them as well as shape and mold them and turn them into new songs. Things really began to click together for us when we began exchanging tracks and spending time listening to different versions. It was all a very painless process and I'm very pleased with how all of it turned out." - Wayne Robert Thomas

Written and produced by Hendrix & Wayne Robert Thomas
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