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Guentner | Spieth 'Overlay' [CD] (import)

Guentner | Spieth 'Overlay' [CD] (import)

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In 2001, Regensburg-based Markus Guentner and Affin’s Joachim Spieth first crossed paths through their contributions to Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series. Their creative synergy resurfaces with ‘Overlay,' a six-track album that amalgamates decades of their distinctive styles - a harmonious blend of Guentner's ethereal, atmospheric textures and Spieth's pulsating rhythms.

“We envisioned a process akin to masking and unveiling, revealing certain elements while fading others, mirroring the essence of the album titles themselves. This reflects how we approached the audio material, a philosophy extended to our album. This collaboration thrived on a foundation of trust, cultivated organically, much like our previous joint endeavors. Musically, we entrust each other almost instinctively”.

With meticulously crafted tracks showcasing their artistry in creating evocative sonic landscapes, this release marks the inaugural entry in a series of collaborative works by the duo.

"With this album, the flow of things knows no distinct start or finish—rather, it's a continuous stream of material in motion."
All tracks written and produced by Markus Guentner and Joachim Spieth

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