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From Overseas & zakè 'Demain, dès l’aube' [2LP]

From Overseas & zakè 'Demain, dès l’aube' [2LP]

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160g audiophile black 2LP set, housed in a 5mm wide spine matte jacket. Records placed in semi-thick white paper sleeved. Black and white center labels. Shrinkwrapped. Edition of 400. Bandcamp download code included.

‘Demain, dès l’aube’ is a quietly powerful collaboration between From Overseas and zakè with a beautiful stillness at its center. The repetition of these arrangements comforts and lulls, while offering plenty of calm instances. The arrangements on Demain, dès l’aube were intentionally written to ebb and flow seamlessly, slowly converging en masse. A stately set of primarily long-form arrangements that burgeon with unhurried celerity, exemplifying patience while displaying meticulous attention to the finer details.

Creating an abundance of short vignettes, the duo took their favorite sounds and created foundational loops for these solemn arrangements. They expanded on these short loops with intentional reshaping and expansion of the initial sounds by introducing and converging various guitar parts, tape processing, and synthesizer work. The richness of these long-forms are evident and delicately glide along in a timeless journey.

Written, recorded and produced by From Overseas & zakè
Mixed at Kaleidoscope Tone Studio by zakè
Mastered at Schwebung Mastering by Stephan Mathieu
Photography by Kévin Séry
Design and layout by zakè

© 2023 Past Inside the Present
℗ 2023 Past Inside the Present Publishing (BMI)
This is PITP-V054 | MMXXIII

Marketed, distributed, and
phonographic copyright:
Past Inside the Present
Cut at WMM
Pressed by GGR
Manufactured and assembled in USA

◾️◾️◾️ REVIEWS

"French for “Tomorrow, at dawn,” the title might be read in any number of ways, absent any other context. Certainly the French title is evocative, even if we are unaware of the translation. The music itself, however, is suggestive of yet another interpretation. There is no sense of foreboding in these gentle waves of sound, but the sense of peace that follows mourning. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that in English mourning is homophonous with morning, as both speak to the promise of a new beginning, of cyclical continuity. The mournful qualities of the music doesn’t manifest in the form of dreariness, but in a form of somber resolve. The best ambient music will continue to reward those who are willing to listen more closely."

-Joseph Sannicandro, A Closer Listen / Sound Propositions


“Some music reminds me of breathing: a cyclical motion that sustains our lives yet goes somehow unnoticed (until it's too late)... This is why during meditation, it is important to bring your attention to the steady flow of your breath... This is why during turbulent times I remind myself to focus on the steady flow of this beautiful music. Don't let this one go unnoticed...”

-Mike Lazarev, Headphone Commute


“Demain, dès l’aube’ offers eight pieces of mesmeric cadence and immersive recursions that are at once present and remote, in the Here and Now and in the Elsewhere. These compositions offer compelling affordance spaces for questing inner voyagers.”

-Alan Lockett, Igloo Magazine


"An outstanding example of the kinds of collaborations developed among PITP’s stable core of artists. Demain, d​è​s l​’​aube (tomorrow, at dawn) achieves its immaculate sense of serenity from the patient stretching and molding of the collection of short looping vignettes which formed the album’s raw material into billowing arrangements of varying but considerable length. The result is a gorgeous, salutary journey that melts away time an encourages introspection."

-Stationary Travels


“To listen to this soporific beauty is to escape into a boundless world of comfort and quietude. As each wave billows past, the depths of peace envelop you, cradling you in their lush sounds. This album will be a companion to anyone with a sore heart, a balm for any soul wracked with anxiety or despair, as well as a sublime moment of bliss on a journey through brighter days.”

-Daman Hoffman, Rivulets & Reveries


"The sublime sounds of 'Demain, dès l’aube' are devastatingly impactful, conveying profound melancholia with a gently persuasive sense of movement. These arrangements sweep up and around you, stretching out to infinity and leaving a lasting impression on your heart. It is utterly comforting, even when the mood becomes heavily introspective."

-Juno Records


"Demain, D​è​s L’​aube (translated from French as ‘Tomorrow, At Dawn’) is an expansive collaboration between multi-instrumentalist From Overseas and ambient music producer zakè. Grandiose and majestic throughout despite the non-intrusive nature of the music they deal in, these songs are melancholic and emotionally devastating in spite of their subtlety and general quietness, built up from a foundation of short loops."

-Norman Records


"From Overseas and zakè have created music that moves me to tears and lifts my spirit simultaneously. This is the perfect soundtrack for the contemplative and emotional season that lies ahead of us. A modern ambient masterpiece."

-Richard Heinemann, E-Lodie Radio 100,7


"Demain, dès l'aube is fantastic, easily ranking among the top 5 albums of the Past Inside the Present catalogue."

-Stephan Mathieu, Schwebung Mastering
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