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Clouds Without Water 'Clouds Without Water' [CS] (repress)

Clouds Without Water 'Clouds Without Water' [CS] (repress)

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Clouds Without Water emerged from the chance meeting of two ambient experimentalists who played at an electronic music festival as solo artists and discovered a musical affinity. They decided to collaborate long distance during the loneliest months of the pandemic lockdowns, sending tracks to each other without plans or discussion, only wordless questions buried in the music.
These are the answers they fashioned. 
Clouds Without Water bridges the gap between granularity and haze, grit and smoothness, sequence and randomness, electricity and organicity.

Written and produced by Grant Stewart (ASCAP)
and Angela Winter (ASCAP)
Mastered at Ambient Mountain House by James Bernard
'Young Stellar Object' image by ESA/Hubble & NASA
Layout by zakè

©℗ Healing Sound Propagandist

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