Collection: ASC

James Clements, best known as ASC, is an astoundingly prolific producer of deeply atmospheric electronic music ranging from atmospheric drum and bass to ambient, all with a fixation on space and science fiction.

ASC made his debut appearance on Past Inside the Present with his incredibly successful LP titled, 'Eye of the Storm' in late 2022. Juno records stated, "The majestic Eye Of The Storm is a suspensory trip through the heavens with delicate drum & bass rhythms and lush swathes of synths. Another exceptional bit of work from the one and only ASC."

ASC's follow up record on PITP is slated for Spring 2024. His sophomore album with Past Inside the Present, as with his many other instrumental projects, ASC offers a distillation of immutable feeling: beauty wrenched from ache, acceptance demanded from doubt. The complex rhythms of many of his other records are left aside in favor of languid meditation. Even in its heavier moments it is an album that presents an undeniable degree of sensitive and resolute devotion; a priceless honorarium for moments dreamt but never to be.


Past Inside the Present Discography
ASC - Eye of the Storm [2022]

Remixes and Appearances
zakè - LL [2022]
zakè - Polymorph EP [2022]