Collection: anthéne

anthéne is the moniker of Brad Deschamps whom resides in Toronto, Canada. anthéne creates environments with harmonized pulses, slow-motion melodies and gauzy guitar textures. As the founder of Polar Seas Recordings, Deschamps has created and facilitated a considerable catalog of patient music in keeping with the imprint’s name, incorporating plectrums, analog synthesizer and field recording as the bases of his output.

anthéne made his debut appearance on Past Inside the Present with his longform album appropriately titled, 'Long Formations +4' in Spring of 2020. Most recently, he joined forces with James Bernard to release their collaborative effort, 'Soft Octaves' towards the end of 2023, in addition to providing a track for PITP's compilation, 'Healing Sounds II: A Compilation For Those In Need' back in 2020.


Past Inside the Present Discography
anthéne & James Bernard- Soft Octaves [2023]
anthéne - Long Formations +4 [2020]

Remixes and Appearances
zakè - Remembrance [2022]
Various Artists - Healing Sounds II: A Compilation For Those In Need [2020]